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"Stand up straight, fight your way, fight your way, fight your way."

Title from: Amber - Borders [Spotify | Youtube].


I have told by many that I should rush things.

I don’t know about you, but I am surrounded by a lot of people telling me I should start thinking about settling down. I am only 24. And I know this also applies to many, many of us — if you’re not one of the bunch, congratulations!

But at the same time, I started looking around and seeing my friends building their futures with their loved ones. When you started getting wedding invitations adressed to you, you know adulthood’s just right around the corner. That’s when, whether you like it or not, and whether you really care or don’t, the pressure started to slowly sink in. And trust me, I am not one who wants to settle down fast. I mentioned to people that I want to get married when I’m 30, an usually most of them would give me a weird look as if I said I wanted to die alone.

So I started asking myself, am I really living my life the right way?

And you know what? I am.

People have different goals in their lives — some want to have master degree abroad, some want to build a family soon enough, some want to just get by. And mine is, to be able to live by myself, without any help — financially — from my parents. And I am living that goal right now.

I have also been told that I am stupid enough to spend a good portion of my monthly pay on renting a room, when I could have stayed with my parents, saved the money and gone on a holiday or bought nice things. Sure, it did make me sad once a while, like when I didn’t have enough money to buy few cans of beer, or when my laptop died and yet I needed to just hang in there. But every single month, after I paid the rent, I always had this sense of relief, satisfaction and happiness that I could afford to live by myself.

Does that mean I called out on people still living with their families.

Absolutely not, because our goals are different.

While mine is to be financially stable to get on my own feet and feed myself every month, yours can probably be to travel around the world. Maybe to buy your own car? Building a dream startup? Working on a nice company? Or maybe, just maybe, getting married? When you are living with someone else’s goal as your KPI, you can never measure how satisfied you are in life, because that is not what you live for. And that is why, it’s not fair to ask someone to follow anyone else’s path, don’t you think?

When you are about to do something with your life, especially when it comes with big changes, ask yourself — will it make you happy?

Because that’s the only thing that matters.

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